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PTS-4001, PTS-4000
Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day is a lot easier with Oreas Dispenser. Impurities and residues are removed, giving water a clean taste that quenches and refreshes. The unit both refrigerates and heats, providing you with cold water for an icy drink, and piping hot water for tea. Make it easy for your family to enjoy water every day!
With an Oreas Dispenser, you can get instant hot and cold for your home or office.
In case of most water purifier from other companies, if often develops sediment inside of tank due to the corrosion of the heat wire directly contacting with water tank.
Saving Power
Build in Inteligent sensors, working only when necessary, save more energy.
Stainless Steel Water Tank
We have adopted an advanced technology into our products by using not only water tanks made of seamless stainless steel suppressing the proliferation of the bacteria.
Safety Lock
Hot water(over 85°C) often becomes the cause of burns for children as well as for adults. The safety cock ensures the safety of the users.
Extra Cooling Release
Double Condenser coil provide extra fast hear release.
Power Cooling
More Cooling coils provide extra cooling speed.