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ANO2 Nano Oxygen Bubble
With the elegant design and cutting edge technology, ANO2 Nano Oxygen Bubble which made in Korea is the first in the world product to have 2 in 1 shower features in generating multiple effects ultra-fine bubble.

  • 200,000 unit of negative ion per cc are generated and penetrate pore to give your skin a thoroughly deep cleansing. It clear and flush away all the dead skin, keratin and demodex.
  • 300% extra of dissolved oxygen (DO) compared to tap water strengthen the metabolism gives a quick recovery on the damaged skin through the smooth circulation of the blood and eventually keeping of healthy and strong skin.
  • 400 km/h burst speed from ultrasonic wave, generates heat and decompose human body fat giving you the slimming effect as well as long lasting massage effect

ANO2 Nano Oxygen Bubble provides many marvelous effects on our human body, such as improving skin beauty and cleanliness, physical health and slimming effects. It is a relaxing, soothing and refreshing experience while at bath and thereafter.

Recommendations ANO2 Nano Oxygen Bubble is good for aLL. Due to its unique features, it is highly recommended for people who are health and beauty conscious. Also it is ideal for persons who would like to give oneself relaxation after a hard day's work. For the elderly, after taking bath, it will get rid off their tiredness and keep them refreshed. A gift of love to our elderly indeed.

Features of ANO2 Nano Oxygen Bubble
  1. Ultra-fine Nano Oxygen Bubble
    Nano Oxyen Bubble means the diameter of bubble water is smaller than 5 µm. Actually the Nano Oxygen Bubble from the generator is invisible to the naked eyes due to its tiny size.
  2. Negative Ion Effect
    • Nano Oxygen Bubble can produce negative ion 10 times more than waterfalls and forest.
    • Negative ions raise levels of serotonin causing people to feel instantly refreshed, more alert, relieved of tension and relaxed.
    • Besides that, negative ion is able to balance automatic nervous system, enhance the blood circulation, cell restoration, anti-aging and increase body resistance.
  3. High Dissolved Oxygen
    Nano Oxygen Bubble have a lot of dissolved oxygen and it strengthens the metabolism of the skin through full supply of the oxygen and water to the skin. Especially women can keep their skin moisturized and rejuvanated much longer compare to if they were taking a normal bath.
  4. Moisture Effect
    • Due to its tiny size, the ultra fine bubble water can penetrate into skin and increase moisture of skin.
    • It helps hydrate the skin and prevent it from further moisture loss.
    • With the moisture effect. it gives skin a natural, healthy glow and rejuvenated.
  5. Deep Cleansing Effect
    • Nano Oxygen Bubble is 5 times smaller than the size of the pores and it can get into the pores of the skin easily
    • Nano Oxygen Bubble infiltrates the pores of the skin and takes the dirt, impurities and bacteria out of the pores, cleansing the skin.
    • Soap and other chemical products are not needed when you take the bubble bath.
    • Therefore, Nano Oxygen Bubble baths keep your skin clean and healthy glow.
  6. Slimming and Massage Effect
    • Nano Oxygen Bubble produce ultrasonic waves, bursting at speeds of 400 km/h. This ultrasonic wave massages deep into the skin and the muscle.
    • The vibration by the ultrasonic wave also removes dead keratins and demodex
    • The massage effect of the bubble bath helps reduce stress and fatigue
    • The ultrasonic wave can changes the body fat under the subcutaneous into decomposable status.
    • At the same time, it accelerates the circulation of the blood and lymph through micro streaming which has molecular linear motion and push away the decomposed fat