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With 6 Filter and filter can be customised :
  1. Sediment Filter
  2. Sediment Filter
  3. ORP Filter
  4. Carbon Filter
  5. Carbon Block Filter
  6. Pi Mag6 Filter

4 Filters : Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Zeoloss Energy Filter, Post Carbon Filter

6 Filters : Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Zeoloss Energy Filter, Post Carbon Filter, Pi Mag6 Filter, UF Membrane Filter

Korea Sediment Filter
Effectively remove dust and rust remains of which particles relatively big. Prevent various impurities from entering other filters in order to increase a filter performance and life span.

Korea Carbon Filter
This carbon filter made of activated carbon, removes chlorine, THMs and organic chemical contaminants through an absorption process. This helps filters function properly.

Korea Zeoloss Energy Filter
Zeoloss contains far infrared ray elements which can restructure water molecules into smaller cluster and increases dissolved oxygen for easier absorb into human body. This energized and health-giving water also has the ability to removes heavy metal, it makes water safe to drink as well as improves the taste.

Korea Post Carbon Filter
It makes water close to natural by effectively removes chemical substances such as Chlorine, Radori, Sediment, Trihalomethanes (THMs), odorsand more than 100 types of Organic chemicals (VOC).

Korea Pi Mag6 Filter
Mineral induced Alkaline water made from mag6 had special features of high amount of negative ion, magnesium, hydrogen (H2), (50 times higher than biological water), and smaller cluster water molecule. Not only that but also this special alkaline water will benefit the normal fermentation process in the digestive system.

Korea UF Membrane Filter
This UF Membrane filter removes water contaminants such as water borne microorganisms and harmful organic chemicals etc.