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ORP stands for (Oxidation Reduction Potential). It is measured in milivolts (mV). Amgo Energy ORP Converter water is tested at MINUS mV and has literally millions of beneficial electrons. The Lower the reading in the minus range the higher electron density and more electron means greater cellular hydration and oxygenation, thus raising our body's anti-oxidant properties and immune system.
Improve body cell absorption on minerals & enhance metabolism.
Improve blood circulation & enhance oxygen intakes.
Flush toxins from body.
Balances the pH of body.
Anti-Oxydation, remove free radicals and anti-aging.
Sediment filter is composed of fibre of porosity which filter off rust, sediment, suspended solid and others.
It makes water close to natural by effectively removes chemical substances such as Chlorine, Sediment, odors and more than 100 types of organic chemicals.
It is able to ionized alkaline water where it balances the pH of our body. The system also contains ORP which can neutralize the free radicals in the body.
Last phase of cleaning process to removes residual Chlorine, pesticides, toxic chemical as well as unpleasant color, taste and odors which may be presents in your water.