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The effect of hydrogen water has been published in several major newspapers in Japan
Dr. Shigeo Ohta
Institute of Development and Aging Sciences, Nippon Medical School
In the three and a half years since the first hydrogen paper was published in Nature Medicine, more than 70 original papers have been published in leading biological/medical journals. Based on cumulative knowledge, beneficial biological effects of hydrogen have been established with no doubt. Hydrogen shows not only anti-oxidative stress effects, but also has various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.
Albert Szent-Györgyi
Nobel Prize-winning biochemist
Tissues of the body store hydrogen in vast amounts. The order of hydrogen pooling by quantities found in the body are the liver, intestine, kidney, heart, lung and finally spleen. The liver stores the most hydrogen and is the body's first line of defence in detoxification.
Peter D. Mitchell, PhD
Nobel Laureate 1978
Hydrogen is essential in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, the source of all energy in the cells, and therefore the body.
Dr. Douglas C Wallace, PhD
Director of the Center for Molecular & Mitochondrial Medicine and Genetics, University of California at Irvine
Studies have shown that the human body stores hydrogen in its tissues. As we age, tissue hydrogen-depletion may lead to many of the symptoms of the aging process. This may cause subclinical dehydration since it appears that hydrogen may play a role in hydrating our cells. Symptoms of hydrogen depletion may include chronic fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances and indigestion. As our tissues are depleted of hydrogen, they become stiff and lose flexibility. Dehydrated tendons and muscles tear more easily, and dehydrated bones become brittle. Loss of lung flexibility leads to loss of oxygen. By replenishing our hydrogen stores, we may be able to relieve many of these conditions if they are brought about by hydrogen depletion.
Japanese newspaper report the effects of hydrogen