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Oxygen Plus
Complexion becomes naturally smooth by promoting skin replacement and the elimination on impurities within the body (especially effective of constiation)
With the intake of Oxygen Plus, alpha waves in the brain increase, the nerves are stabilized and with the normalization of the brain wave, memory power is improved.
With the supply of Oxygen Plus, blood circulation is improved and the sugar content in the blood consumes triglyceride causing the blood sugar level lowered and is effective on high blood pressure and diabetes.
High Stamina conditions are maintained continually for long periods by effectively breaking up lactic acid, a fatigue causing substance and creating a lot of energy within the body.
It directly combines with and breaks up acetaldehyde which is the substance causing hangovers, headaches, vomiting etc.
Water containing 3-4 times more oxygen than normal water
When you drink oxygenated water, oxygen in the liver is increased 6 times more than when you breathe air
Source : Dr. Zoital, Literary Review of oxygen therapy (June, 1992)
Oxygen in Water reaches in cells 10 times faster than oxygen in the air
The more oxygen, the better blood circulation
Source : Massachusetts institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 2002