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Ionizer 101
Drink a lot, you can clear long term accumulation of toxins in the cells.
Clear dry skin caused by chemical agents, make the skin more smooth.
Brewed beverage, flavor thicker.
Tonic stew pot, taste and nutrition is not destroyed.
Wash rice cooking, more slippery and more fragant rice.
Washing vegetables, save the flavor and nutrition.
Modern Design
Modern Design with Elegant Piano Lacquer, no multicoloured complex but brief beauty.
Stainless Steel Spout
Stainless Steel Spout Never rusts, free to be bent to any direction.
Large Display
3.8-inch Colorful LCD Screen Display, displays more information.
Touch Panel
Elegant & solid CDC Touch Control Panel, very easy to operate.
Music & Voice
Music & Voice Prompt Assistance.
Titanium with Platinum Coating Plates
5 Pieces Titanium with Platinum Coating Plates, for better ionization.
International Plug Support
110V-220V Universal Adaptor, safe and reliable.
Uses Of Different pH Water
Some p11 Foods Reference
Alkaline Water
Food Disinfaction & Dishes Cleaning
pH 9.0 - 10.5 Alkaline Water Level 4 (strong alkaline)
  • Soaking Vegetables, beef, pork and fresh fish to remove fishy taste and keep the food's nature flavours.
  • Effective reduce pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
  • Goods for making soups and helpful for maintaining their nutrients and colors.
Ginger, Grapes, Kelps, Seaweeds
Daily Drinking
pH 8.5 ~ 10 Alkaline Water Level 3
  • Suitable for daily drinking and improving your overall health
  • Improve conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, gout.
Mushrooms, Soy beans, Spinach
Cooking & Drinking
pH 8.0 ~ 9.0 Alkaline Water Level 2
  • Good for cooking rice and noodles, preserve its nature flavor longer.
  • Good for making tea or coffee, reduce betterness and give better taste.
  • After initial period use, this level is suitable for daily drinking.
Banana, Carrot, Chestnut, Lettuce, Red Beans
Initial Drinking
pH 7.5 ~ 8.5 Alkaline Water Level 1
  • For people just beginning to drink alkaline water.
  • Balancing internal pH, improve the assimilation of Calcium and other Mineral.
Apple, Cabbage, Eggplant, Onion Tea
Purified Water
Purified Water
pH 7.0 Purified Water
  • No color, no taste, no impurity.
  • Suitable for taking medicine, making milk and for baby's diet.
Asparagus, Bread, Milk, Miso, Tofu
Acidic Water
Facial & Skin Cleaning
pH 5.0 ~ 6.5 Acidic Water Level 1
  • Not suitable for drinking.
  • Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants, sunburn relief.
  • Restores shineto hair and as a nature after shave.
  • Minimize the appearance of pores, and good for brushing teeth.
Beef, Beer, Clam, Rice, Octopus
Sterilization & Disinfection
pH 3.5 ~ 5.5 Acidic Water Level 2
  • Not suitable for drinking.
  • Anti bacteria for tableware and floor cleaning
  • Eliminates the residual agricultural chemicals fruits and vegetables when soaking them in acidic water.
Cheese, Egg Yolk, Oats, Squid