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Wonderland ORP Energy Water
ORP stands for (Oxidation Reductor Potential). It is measured in milivolts (mV). Wonderland Energy ORP Converter water is tested at MINUS mV and has literally millions of beneficial electrons. The lower the reading in the minus range, the higher electron density. And more electrons means greater cellular hydration and oxygenation, thus raising our body's anti-oxidant properties and immune system.
Special designed '8 water inflow' ensures equal water distribution reducing water flow speed thus creating a longer contact time to provide good quality water. Distribution of water is using the ideal "vortex" theory with a 'single outlet'.

The water created with bioceramic is rich in ionic minerals such as calsium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc, improve on the PH value of water to mild alkaline to correct blood and body acidicity.
  • Product of England
  • To remove harmful bacteria such as E-Coli, Giardia etc, rust and impurities in the water.
N.S.F listed high grade quality with special mixture of Japanese and Swedish Carbon effectively removes chemical substances such as Chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals, and over 1,000 types of organic compounds the water plus improving its taste.
The Far Infrared (FIR) ceramic material restructures water molecules into small cluster to allow for better absorption and transportation of Calcium, Potassium and Sodium throughout the circulatory system, and cellular penetration and improvement of energy and immune system.
The water created with bioceramic is rich in ionic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc, improve on the PH value of water to mild alkaline to correct blood and body acidity.
The perfect combination of Titanium Alloy and Far Infrared ceramic using Nano Technology to produce resonant vibration for water molecular restructuring and increase high dissolved oxygen. This energized and health-giving water promotes immune system, better health condition, youthfulness, beauty and life giving. This ORP System is able to produce active hydrogen to reduce the electric potential to negative mV to neutralize the free radicals in the body.
Exclusively designed by Wonderland water system which removes particles, dirt, bacteria, heavy metal, algae, rust and microscopic parasites effectively. This exclusive high quality activated carbon also removes over 120 types of organic contaminants which include synthetic organic compounds (Cancer causing compounds) such as Trihalomethanes (THM), pesticides and chlorine. KDF® 55 helps to eliminate remaining bacteria,chlorine, heavy metal content, other contaminants and odor at the point of use.
  • Anti-Oxidants
    Negative mV, the electric potential removes and neutralizes free radical and some toxins from the body which enhances the optimum health condition.
  • Mild Alkaline
    Contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium etc to form mild alkaline water which neutralize the acidic waste and provide essential trace of minerals for optimum healthy cells.
  • Smaller water molecular structure
    Normally larger water molecular structure presents in the tap water, but not in the Wonderland Energy ORP Converter which is able to reduce and restructure the cluster of water molecular structure thus allowing the body cells to absorb instantly and promotes cell metabolism.
  • Bacteria and chemical free and life living water.
  • Good in thermo and electric conductivities.
  • Fresh use and odorless.
  • Removes toxins from body.
  • Youthfulness and beauty.
  • Improves the taste and aroma of drinks and foods.
  • Replaces electrolytes which are lost during exercises.
  • Suitable for preparing baby's milk.
  • Wash and cleans vegetables and fruits.
  • Increases the taste and aroma of beverages.
  • Promotes better growth of plants and pets.
  • Prevents nutrients lose from soup during preparation.
  • Keeps hair shinning with a healthy radiance.
  • Fish more active and healthy.