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Wonderland Hot & Cold Dispenser
Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day is a lot easier with Wonderland Hot & Cold Dispenser.
Impurities and residues are removed, giving water a clean taste that quenches and refreshes.
The unit both refrigerates and heats, providing you with cold water for an icy drink, and piping hot water for tea.
Make it easy for your family to enjoy water every day!
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Energy Inra-Red Bioceramic Filter
  • ORP Filter
  • Compressed Carbon Block Filter
  • Anti-Oxidation (ORP)
    Neutralize free radical and slowdown aging process
  • Bacteria Free
    120 types of organic contaminants removed
  • Chlorine Free
    Removes chlorine and dulcifies the water
  • Alkaline Water
    Balances pH body to allow body functions well and resist diseases
  • Small Cluster Water
    Improves blood circulation, increases immune system and metabolism