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Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen
Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen Water Generator is manufactured using Revolutionary and cutting edge technology. It does not require electricity yet provides people of all ages a drinking water that is not only refreshing but health giving as well.
  • High oxygen content
  • Negative-ion benefits
  • Experience fat reduction
  • Refreshing skin
  • Delayed aging
  • Pesticide-free fish and vegetables
Now everyone can enjoy Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen water at home.
Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen is applied to multiple effects on the human body and expects the excellent performance on skin beauty, health care, reducing fatness.
Because of using generates ultrasonic wave to change the body fat under the subcutaneous into the decomposable status.
Change molecules into very small cluster water to facilitate absorption in the body.
Is available at any time. Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen Generator can generate 60,000 to 100,000 negative ion per cc compared to natures waterfall which produce 20,000 negative ion per cc.
Remove agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and preserves freshness.
Removes the fishy odor from your seafood. High preservation of seafood and meat once washed and refrigerated.
Easy to remove deep dirt from make up and improve skin moisturize.
Remove unpleasant smell from cats after bathing. Keep them clean, healthy and pleasant. No shampoo or soap required.
Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen eliminates the wastes of the skin surface and also reduces most bacteria staying at the pores to relieve the skin itching.
Every glass of oxygen water gives you total refreshment and satisfies your thirst.
Fully stainless steel and no maintenance.
The human skin in modern age is degenerated day by day through exposures to ultraviolet rays, pollution and wastes from facial make-up. Above all, the wastes from pores, keratin and demodex contribute to very bad effects to the skin.
In general the Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen water cluster is 5 times smaller than the size of the pores and can easily be absorbed into the skin and penetrate into the pores. The Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen water, after penetration, will break up and dislodge all kinds of wastes from the skin with fine vibrations and then push them out of the pores. As the wastes disappear, the Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen will strengthen the metabolism of the skin through the full supply of oxygen to the skin. It also makes a quick recovery on the damaged skin through the smooth circulation of the blood and thus contributes in keeping healthy and strong skin.
As of now, there is no solution for atopy with modern medical science. From several researches, it is found to be the disease due to immune system disorder along with weak physical condition and not just a simple skin disease. Also the second contagion through the itching is emphasizing the importance of the atopy.
Wonderland Micro Bubble Nano Oxygen water eliminates the wastes of the skin surface and also reduces most bacteria staying at the pores and the keratin and so it contributes to relieve skin itching. Also the ultrasonic waves generated from the breakage of micro bubble activate the skin metabolism and increase the immune system of the human body.
  • What Can Small Cluster Do?
    The Technology restructures make water molecule cluster smaller to be absorbed into our cells easily for the good health of human being.
  • What Can Negative Ions Do?
    Research has been conducted since 1950's about negative ions. Negative ions aid on increased oxygen intake and improvement in mood, anxiety, increased cognitive ability, increased energy, reduced depression, and improved sleep, as well as improvement in drinking and water quality.
  • What Can Oxygen Do?
    Oxygen is essential for the maintenance of life and health to cells, blood and organs. Water with plenty of oxygen strengthens the overall functioning of the body system, enhancing vitality and youthfulness.