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Wonderland Hydrogen Ion Water
90% of civilization disease is caused by free radicals! Human inhale 550 liter of oxygen everyday and 2% will turn into active oxygen (free radicals). Free radicals attack on cells 2000 times per day, resulting cells unable to restore and eventually cause necrosis.

Free radicals is the major factor cause aging. Once the body pack with excessive free radicals, strong oxidation happen and against the body cells, causing aging, skin spots, allergies and cardiovascular disease.

International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX), and other authoritative journal reported: excess free radicals can cause 300 kinds of disease, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, aging, diabetes, bone and joint disease, eye disease and so on.

The main factor that cause elderly facing memory loss, movement disorders and mental retardation is due to excess free radicals that led to a significant reduction in the number of nerve cells.
Hydrogen is the world's smallest and lightest molecules, and it is electrically neutral, easy to spread and easily penetrate the cell membrane and organelle membrane, flush away the active oxygen from the body. Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural anti-oxidants, so the Wonderland Hydrogen Ion Water contains a strong reduction ability to reduce active oxygen (free radicals) in the blood and cells. It can flush away the toxins inside body if drink regularly.
The physical condition of each person is different, so the effect of hydrogen ion water will vary from one to another. For those who is under stress, imbalanced diet, taking fast food, their body and skin are not in good condition. Once they drink hydrogen ion water for some times, they will notice significant effect because the hydrogen ion water help to clean up waste material in the body quickly, restore the cell absorption ability and supply sufficient of nutrients. You will feel more energetic, no more slouching and reduce the stress. The frequent you drink, the obvious the effect show.
Excessive free radicals will damage genetic material, DNA. When the body cannot repair by itself, new cells turns into mutant cells, which is the precursor of cancer. The hydrogen ion which is a strong anti-oxidants can eliminate the environment beneficial to cancer cells.
  • Hydrogen ion can eliminate free radicals that cause cancer.
  • Immune system can destroy the mutant cells, prohibit them to propagate.
  • Prevents the integration of cancer cells and normal cell to expand.

Free Radical Solution
19 July 2008, Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" (Japan's top newspaper)
reported that hydrogen ion water can inhibit memory loss.
Since 07 year scientists had found that hydrogen can acts as a therapeutic antioxidant, reducing cytotoxic free radicals. It has proven hydrogen has a good protective effect on stroke, heart, liver and other organ injury. Hydrogen plays an important role in protection of human health since then.
Wonderland Hydrogen Ion Water contains plenty of hydrogen ion bubbles.
Wonderland Hydrogen Ion Converter dissolves hydrogen ion bubbles in the water.